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Q: We have not seen a conservatory that we want on the website or in brochures, can we get a bespoke model designed?

A: Absolutely, since all conservatories are made to order you can have anything that is physically achievable. Put us to the test!

Q: Can I use my conservatory all the year round?

A: Modern conservatories, with insulated bases and cavity walls, which feature double glazed units and a thermally efficient roof can be used all the year round. The thoughtful use of heat will further assist. In addition, comfort levels can be further enhanced through the use of Active Blue. This is a revolutionary new type of glazing that is specially developed in order to keep conservatories warm in winter by retaining heat and cool in the summer by excluding solar radiation.

Q: Do we need to have Planning Permission or Building Regulation Approvals for a conservatory?

A: Planning Permission is not usually required unless you are adding a conservatory to a property that has already been extended. In addition, you may need to check the age of your property as developers of new build properties often place restrictions on them. We can help with any permission required.

Q: Do we need to install Insulated Double Glazing Units (IGU’s) and if so, which ones?

A: On 1st April 2002, the government introduced Part L, which was an amendment to the Building Regulations. Within this amendment for the first time replacement windows and doors must meet tough new thermal performance standards. The new standard applies when new doors replace an existing window or when you change the doors between the house and conservatory; however it is not applicable when you keep existing lockable French Doors or patio doors between a house and conservatory.

Q: Do you make conservatories to order?

A: Yes – all of our conservatories are made to measure and can be personalised with a host of accessories and design features both internally and externally.

Q: How long do we wait for our new conservatory?

A: The average turnaround is six to ten working weeks from placing the order in writing. However, please note this is dependant on weather conditions and whether any Planning Permission is required.

Q: How can we ensure privacy from our neighbours?

A: Conservatories can be made private through the thoughtful use of obscure glass, solid panels, blinds or even solid walls (if the proportion of the side frame glass is below 50% then building regulation approval is required).

Q: We have an odd shaped / unusual wall / sloping garden – can we still have a conservatory?

A: Using a flexible system such as Ultraframe there is almost always a solution to your problem. In addition your installer will normally suggest several alternative designs.

Q: How can I be sure that my conservatory features an Ultraframe roof?

A: Be sure to ask your installer for the registration form for the Ultraframe Roof Certificate of Authenticity. This is your guarantee that your conservatory does feature the market leading Ultraframe roof. This certificate may also be passed onto future buyers of your property for inclusion in a ‘Home Information Pack’ (HIP).