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Glass & Glazing July issue.

13th June 2014

Glass Times – Extended article, July
Put your trust in a ‘one-stop-shop’ and reap the benefits
Steve Jones examines some of the key issues facing window installers today. Steve is Operations Manager for the newly-created SIG Windows (formerly WFM) – a market-leading provider of expertise, advice and products for windows, doors and conservatories in the UK.
One of the common issues facing many window installers today is sourcing products and components from a manufacturer that can supply and deliver to meet all your needs. Subject to the size and complexity of the job, this can often be daunting, as you may have to obtain products from a variety of sources that you may never have dealt with previously, as well as coping with the hassle of tying in all the separate orders and deliveries. With a wealth of products and manufacturers to choose from, the task becomes even harder and even harder still, when you begin to incorporate Energy Ratings and the recent introduction of CE Marking.

That’s when it’s time to consider using the services of a one-stop-shop company. Completely independent, these suppliers provide a wealth of choice across leading brands in the windows, doors and conservatories market. Enlisting their services not only helps maximise your selling power and leaves you to do what you do best, it ensures your customers get exactly what they want and when they want it.


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Don’t be misled into thinking that a one-stop-shop also manufactures the products too. They don’t; but therein lay the benefits. They will have already invested time and energies in sourcing the best and most competitively priced products suitable for installation, and can often deliver these at speed through local branch networks, as well as guaranteeing continuity of supply.

It’s important to check out the breadth of products on offer and align yourself to a supplier that provides you with a wide choice of products and components for any type of glazing project, as well as being open to new and innovative products. For example, as the demand for re-engineered timber begins to take off, you need to be able to offer your customers this latest generation of products that not only look good, but set the benchmark for aesthetic, security, long-term durability and unbeatable guarantees.

As the glass and glazing market continues to grow, the quality of product supplied is often compromised at the expense of volume. Therefore, look out for those companies that offer rigid quality assurance checks to ensure all aspects of the quality and condition of the glass and frame are in a perfect condition prior to dispatch to the customer. Not only do you and your customer benefit from quality products with no hassles, you can both enjoy peace of mind.

Consistency of supply is vital too. There’s nothing worse than working in a different part of the country and the same network branch can’t offer what you are looking for. Again, pay heed to those outlets that provide a core range of products that are available at any time, regardless of where you are.

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Discarding waste has long been an issue in the industry. Making sure that you source your products from a supplier that offers a free skip service that enables you dispose of like-for-like waste at the depot. Not only will this save you the hassle of going to a chargeable commercial waste site to dump your rubbish, it will save time and money from reduced fuel costs too.

Placing your trust and your business in a one-stop-shop is a no brainer. Combined with an unrivalled product range from a variety of leading manufacturers, excellent customer service, consistent and flexible lead times, as well as responsive after sales service, expert product advice and technical support and extensive distribution networks, you would be a fool not to. All it then leaves you to do is bring peace of mind and added value to your installation and to your customer.

PHOTO-CAPTION 1: To ensure that customers receive quality products, with no hassles, no worries and complete peace of mind, SIG Windows has pioneered a QC sticker that is applied after inspecting all products to ensure the glass/frame is in perfect condition prior to dispatch. The labels will be introduced from July 2014.

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PHOTO-CAPTION 2: Pictured here patio doors that are available from SIG Windows extensive portfolio of re-engineered timber products. This new breed of timber product combines the good looks of real wood with up to 60% increase in strength and durability and comes supplied fully glazed and either painted or stained. An impressive eight-year guarantee on the paint finish is also included.